The protection of our intellectual property (IP) is crucial to EAG. It is part of our culture and at the core of our offering.

With every technological development comes an integrated approach to assessment for possible IP, and the subsequent analysis as to what is protectable, and the best manner in which to protect it. This approach is undertaken in tandem with our IP advisory team at Appleyard Lees, who help us invention spot and harvest, to quickly define important areas, aspects, and bounds for protection, to probe those aspects and areas of strengths and weaknesses, and to then adopt and implement an efficient and effective patent filing strategy.

So far, this integrated approach has led to tens of patent filings being made, across all areas of our research and development output. This has resulted in very specific filings for certain features, through to wide-ranging filings for more conceptual developments. As a result, a comprehensive and large patent portfolio has already been established. EAG has created a deep and wide patent thicket.

The approach is not static, it is on-going and dynamic, with more filings in progress for both related and non-related new concepts.

We regularly work with our partners and third-party organisations to provide independent consultancy services that can identify, advise, and develop innovative technology patents, and where required, we can then undertake the filing on our client’s behalf.  To find out more about our wide-ranging consultancy expertise and the support we can offer your business please email: