The Electric Aviation Group has signed a ‘Term Sheet’ in principle with Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Limited (UK), a subsidiary of Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. [NYSE: SPR], to collaborate on the development of technologies to support zero-emission flight.

Press Release

Monday, 28th March 2022

The Electric Aviation Group (EAG) aims to develop the world’s first 90-seater ‘True Zero’ Hydrogen Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft (H2ERA). To enable this, EAG’s immediate focus is on developing three key enabling technologies at the right size and scale without which future green mass air transportation aircraft platforms cannot be delivered:

1. Megawatt Scale Electric Propulsion Systems

2. Megawatt Scale Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems

3. Hydrogen Storage Systems

EAG has established three subsidiaries to develop these essential technology building blocks.

Kamran Iqbal, Founder and CEO of EAG, said: “Our Aerospace Industry needs a consolidated approach to FastTrack decarbonisation of the aviation sector. We have assembled the ‘best in class’ teams with complementary capabilities to turn our vision into a reality”.

Notes to Editors:

Electric Aviation Group’s vision is to develop the world’s first ‘True Zero i.e. targeting zero Carbon and NOx emissions’ 90-seater hydrogen hybrid-electric regional aircraft (H2ERA). EAG’s mission is to be the market leader in developing disruptive technologies for the transportation industry with an acute focus on Hydrogen Powered Aviation. EAG’s innovative technologies are working to pave the pathway for sustainable aviation and to become the blueprint for future green aircraft. More information is available at

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