Prof John M Price

Prof John M Price, BSc CEng FRAeS MIET

Ex-VP Airbus Landing Gear, Fuel and Anti-Icing Systems

I have been engaged with EAG (Formerly known as AMRD Ltd) for over two years and have found the journey they are taking in developing Hybrid-Electric Aircraft platforms and technologies, to be truly exciting.

This is due, in no small part, to the tenacity, vision, and enthusiasm of its founder, Kamran Iqbal. More recently, the arrival of Norman Wood brings additional heavyweight technical knowledge, innovation, and judgement.

Kamran and Norman are operating in a highly competitive scenario where there over 250 developments of electric aircraft worldwide.

In order to thrive in this space, they have had to constantly review their roadmaps in order to stay ahead. This has necessitated their combined capability, together with that of their strong team of partners and advisors, who all have excellent track records and reputations demonstrated throughout aviation and academia.

The team has actively developed strategies for technical, commercial, operational, and regulatory scenarios. This provides great potential for UK leadership and participation in the worldwide electric aviation industry.

This will enable the UK to pave the way in environmental and sustainable air transportation.

Having known Kamran and Norman for some years, and as colleagues when they were in Airbus, I am delighted that they have determinedly progressed this far with EAG. Their international experience and achievements are very effectively used within this great adventure, where their success will undoubtedly set the standards for hybrid-electric flight for many years.

Professor Iain Gray

Director of Aerospace at Cranfield University, Ex-Managing Director, Airbus UK and Ex-Chief Executive Officer, Innovate UK

Kamran Iqbal is a very capable engineer with considerable aerospace industry experience. He combines this with ambition, a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial vision to provide a good all-round business capability. He has built an experienced technical team around him which, when combined with the wide expert network of capability he has put in place, provides excellent technology and business opportunities for the company, EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd), he has founded.

Dr. Behrooz Barzegar

Dr. Behrooz Barzegar Phd, MRAeS, C.Eng

Ex-Airbus - Head of Aerodynamics and Flight Physics

I am very excited to be involved with EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd) and the work that they are doing towards developing a hybrid-electric aircraft.  For me, it hits the mark in so many aspects.

  • It is developed through an overall modern, hybrid electric transport aircraft concept. There is very little activity at overall aircraft level at present in the UK and this project ensures that this important architectural capability is protected in the UK.
  • There are a number of advanced technologies that are core to EAG project and included in the above-mentioned platform. Each and every one of these technologies are exciting and ground-breaking and well in line with the overall direction of the aerospace industry in reducing carbon emissions. These technology packages are also consistent with the developments in Companies supporting the aviation industry.  I was excited with the interest and engagement of some of the “Big Boys” of the industry and academia with these technologies.
  • Whilst AMRD have taken a brave stab at the performance benefits, sustainability and operating economics of this platform and its associated technologies, in my view, the complete integration including human factors elements would significantly increase the current predicted benefits.
  • It has been exciting and interesting to watch the development of the platform and the technologies through the efforts of Kamran Iqbal (The Founder and CEO) and Dr Norman Wood (CTO) of the Company.  It is not at all a surprise to me that funding opportunities have arrived from international sources and interests from multi-national Companies. The Industry is ready for a break-through.

I believe this is the very start of an exciting journey and I expect that this Company with the right level of support will make its mark on the next generation of air transport that delivers comfort and safety with greatly reduced emissions.  All we need to do is to support it to succeed in the UK.

Professor John French

Executive Director – Sustainability Hub and Accelerator, Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) University of Cambridge

From my discussions with EAG (formerly known as AMRD) over the last 12 months, I have been impressed by their energy, expertise and approach to solve challenging issues associated with decarbonisation of the aviation sector. The Core Team has a wealth of experience from many aspects; Academic, Industrial and Operational. This is unique and well-suited to the task. Of particular note is their ability to explore the potential for individual technologies within an integrated environment and to recognise the importance of synergistic design. When coupled with knowledge of the operational and Certification requirements it makes their innovations all the more interesting and to some extent, unique.

EAG have also been developing a very broad and influential network both in the UK and abroad. They have engaged with all aspects of the supply chain, funding agencies, operators and technology developers in aerospace and other related sectors. Within that arena, the pragmatic, engineering driven approach adopted by EAG has clearly been of value and is central to their proposal of a realistic and apparently viable, hybrid-electric regional aircraft. Without having to resort to unusual high-risk configurations to attract attention, the EAG have proposed what appears to be a real opportunity for the UK to drive forward towards a net-zero Carbon aviation sector by 2050. AMRD/EAG Product and Technology strategies are also aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor Patrick Wheeler

Professor Patrick Wheeler

Head of the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group at Nottingham University
Global Director of the Institute of Aerospace Technology at Nottingham University

The team at EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd) have done an excellent job with their vision for the future of air transport and in their establishment of a new company.  There is a real opportunity for new companies to have a major impact on the future direction of aircraft design and electrification, something that EAG has grasped with ambition and dedication. The company has established a strong network of world leading engineers and technologists who are very capable of delivering the vision to revolutionise the whole industry. I believe that this exceptional combination of vision, drive and access to knowledge should see the company grow and achieve high levels of success.

Professor Jonathan Cooper

Professor Jonathan Cooper

RAEng Airbus Sir George White Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Integrated Design of Novel Wing Architectures - University of Bristol

I have known the two key forces behind EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd) for many years. Kamran Iqbal, the company founder, was a research student of mine at the University of Manchester before he moved into industry. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a great deal of resolve, hard work and vision. Norman Wood was my Head of Department at the University of Manchester and I have always been impressed by his technical capabilities and problem-solving abilities. The EAG’s unique vision to identify and develop technologies for sustainable electric aviation taking into account their operability, economics and certification and the exploration of several innovative aircraft platform concepts to be enabled by these technologies is exciting. I look forward to seeing how the company progresses over the next few years.

Richard Bray

Richard Bray, MPhys (Hons) CPA EPA

Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney at Appleyard Lees IP LLP

It is quite special to be able to work with an innovative client like EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd), and at this very early stage. We are able to work together with Kamran, Norman, and EAG in general, to really have a significant impact on the core IP strategy of the company, now and in future, and to ensure that a very significant patent portfolio is established, very quickly, with cost-effectiveness and impact always kept in mind. Indeed, this is something that we are seeing increasingly more of; high-growth start-ups realising that protection of IP is absolutely crucial, and those start-ups carefully investing in large-scale patent filing programmes very early on in their life, to create a highly valuable patent thicket in order to attract the interest of investors and collaborators, and to really put the company on the map.

Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory, MPhys(Hons)

Trainee Patent Attorney at Appleyard Lees IP LLP

The aerospace industry is rapidly changing. Hybrid-electric regional aircraft will be of utmost importance to our lives and the economy in the very near future. It’s clear that EAG (formerly known as AMRD Ltd) fully appreciate this, and it has been their prime focus to develop and innovate for the future of aerospace. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside their passionate team to protect their innovation.